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Successful candidates will have a keen awareness of the importance of security and the threats to a business when security procedures are not followed. They are developing the investigative and implementation skills necessary to succeed in the field and have an aptitude and desire to learn more and a willingness to teach others. They are familiar with the toolset at a fundamental level and can assist in threat mitigation and incident response.


Self-Study Course Includes:

Books: a $75 value

Videos: a $250 value

Practice Test by MeasureUp: a $100 value


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Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Essential Security Principles, Incomplete section

    • Skill 1: Define essential security principles.

    • Skill 2: Explain common threats and vulnerabilities.

    • Skill 3: Explain access management principles.

    • Skill 4: Explain encryption methods and applications.

  • Lesson 2: Basic Network Security Concepts

    • Skill 1: Describe TCP/IP protocol vulnerabilities.

    • Skill 2: Explain how network addresses impact network security.

    • Skill 3: Describe network infrastructure and technologies.

    • Skill 4: Set up a secure wireless SoHo network.

    • Skill 5: Implement secure access technologies.

  • Lesson 3: Endpoint Security Concepts

    • Skill 1: Describe operating system security concepts.

    • Skill 2: Demonstrate familiarity with appropriate endpoint tools that gather security assessment information.

    • Skill 3: Verify that endpoint systems meet security policies and standards.

    • Skill 4: Implement software and hardware updates.

    • Skill 5: Interpret system logs.

    • Skill 6: Demonstrate familiarity with malware removal.

  • Lesson 4: Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Management, Incomplete section

    • Skill 1: Explain vulnerability management.

    • Skill 2: Use threat intelligence techniques to identify potential network vulnerabilities.

    • Skill 3: Explain risk management.

    • Skill 4: Explain the importance of disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

  • Lesson 5: Incident Handling, Incomplete section

    • Skill 1: Monitor security events and know when escalation is required.

    • Skill 2: Explain digital forensics and attack attribution processes.

    • Skill 3: Explain the impact of compliance frameworks on incident handling.

    • Skill 4: Describe the elements of cybersecurity incident response.

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