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To learn more about the SkillBridge internship with GingerSec, please contact:
Check out

GingerSec IT Services start from the moment an IT cable is run all the way through the high-profile world of Cyber Security. Our teams specialize in Field Services, Low Voltage Cabling, Help Desk, Marketing, Social Media & Podcasts, Web design & Branding, Cyber Security, and much more.


Your time spent with us here at GingerSec will cover all basis related to your specialty area of interest in IT. You will have the ability to dive into each area, learning and growing your skills to be successful in the world of Information Technology. Our GingerSec Team will be alongside you each step of the way.


We encourage you to ask as many questions as you can, push yourself a bit out of your comfort zone, and dabble in some areas you might not otherwise have had the opportunity to see. Overall, we want this experience to be the best jumping-off point we can give you. Our goals for you throughout the coming weeks are to ensure you have a working knowledge of IT structure, our systems & network systems, client communications, on-the-job training, tools & equipment set up, executions, breakdown, site survey, and much more. The confidence you will gain throughout your internship will set you up for your next journey, ready to take on any job in the world of IT Services.

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