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GingerSec is a VA certified veteran own company that started in 2019.  GingerSec was originally a cybersecurity education and consulting company.  We have expanded our services to a full-stack nationwide tech company.

GingerSec is a Managed Services Provider (MSP)that can support your IT regardless of size, infrastructure, Azure, AWS, or on-premises.  The managed services also design, configures, and manages networks with various product lines, including Dell, Ubiquiti, HP, Cisco, and other.  As technology becomes more and more complex, we realize it is important for us to offer both consumer support plans as well as business support plans.

Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) is passionate about security, and we believe in bringing enterprise-grade protection to everyone who wants it.  MSSP designs support and configure all aspects of security to make your environment secure, regardless of size.  Because we know safety is necessary, we offer both consumer and business security services.

Field services are our most rapidly growing division.  We offer network cabling to any size organization or structure for residential and businesses.  We can support any network cabling as well as fiber installations.  From residential to 250k square foot warehouse, our field services team can get your network up and running.

GingerSec is also a reseller because we believe in being a one-stop shop for our clients.  Nothing is more frustrating than going to several companies to get work done.  GingerSec works to make it, so you're a call solution.  We offer a full line of hardware and software for your company.

GingerSec IT Services start from the moment an IT cable is run all the way through the high-profile world of Cyber Security. GingerSec prides itself on the aspect that all of our services are in-house allowing us to do more for our clients. This allows us to have complete individual attention to each of our clients and ensures that no matter what their needs are, we can achieve them. 

Our teams specialize in:

  • Field Services

  • Low Voltage Cabling

  • Project Management,

  • MSP

  • Help Desk

  • Marketing

  • Social Media & Podcasts

  • WebDesign & Branding

  • Cyber Security

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