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Cloud Computing

An IT Specialist Cloud Computing Certification is proof or your ability to understand technical cloud concepts and develop, deploy and manage cloud operations. The objective of the course is to provide all the tools you need — including text explanations, videos, figures & tables, quizzes, practice labs, and a practice exam — to prepare for the Cloud Computing exam and pass it on the first try.

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Self-Study Course Includes:

Books: a $75 value

Videos: a $250 value

Practice Test by MeasureUp: a $100 value


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Course outline:

Lesson 1: Examining Cloud Computing Fundamentals

  • Topic A: Cloud Computing Concepts

  • Topic B: Describe Cloud Service Models

Lesson 2: Planning a Cloud Computing Project

  • Topic A: Identify the Project Approach and Team

  • Topic B: Establish Key Criteria

  • Topic C: Evaluate Project Requirements

  • Topic D: Evaluate and Recommend Cloud Solutions

Lesson 3: Selecting Cloud Solutions

  • Topic A: Evaluate Cloud Models

  • Topic B: Create a Process Flow Diagram

Lesson 4: Determining Hardware and Storage Requirements

  • Topic A: Determine Hardware and Network Requirements

  • Topic B: Determine Storage and Database Requirements

  • Topic C: Create Virtual Machines

Lesson 5: Designing Cloud Apps and Solutions

  • Topic A: Determine a Design Approach

  • Topic B: Determine Approach for Connecting Solution Components

Lesson 6: Developing and Testing Cloud Apps

  • Topic A: Cloud Application Development and Operations

  • Topic B: Configure, Deploy, and Manage the Development Environment

  • Topic C: Perform Testing

Lesson 7: Integrating and Deploying a Cloud Solution

  • Topic A: Plan App Integration

  • Topic B: Evaluate and Plan App Containerization

  • Topic C: Deploy Apps

Lesson 8: Managing Cloud Operations

  • Topic A: Manage Cloud Solutions to Address Demand and Costs

  • Topic B: Create a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Policy

  • Topic C: Support and Monitor Cloud Solutions

Lesson 9: Evaluating Cloud Governance

  • Topic A: Identify Why Cloud Governance Is Needed

  • Topic B: Promote Security

  • Topic C: Promote Compliance through Practices and Processes

  • Topic D: Maintain Governance over Time

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