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GingerSec provides management services to organizations of every size. We strive the ensure that all of our clients no matter how large or small, have the same quality and services to run their organizations to full capacity. GingerSec stays up to date on the most current and accurate industry standards allowing us to tailor your organization’s needs according to the ever-changing world of IT. We offer only the best products that have been thoroughly tested by our IT team and even used in our own company’s day to day operations. GingerSec offers a wide variety of IT management services based on your organization’s environment, whether it is with your current IT staff or you are looking to add us as your provider, we have customizable solutions to fit your company’s needs. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our IT management Leads.

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Real-time monitoring of all software, network devices, servers, and websites

Proactive Support

Preventative maintenance of network and devices

Access to Experts

Full communication with our lead tech experts

Remote Support

Support remote devices, cloud-based software and remote trouble shooting

Scheduled Maintenance

Network scheduled maintenance and continued monitoring.

Emergency Response

Full and prompt response to emergency issues.

Managed Service Provider

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