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How to Secure Facebook by Signing Out Sessions

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

How to Secure Facebook by Signing Out Sessions

Whenever I hear someone’s account has been compromised, not just Facebook my standard response is:

1. Sign out of all sessions

We have written before about MFA and Passphrases.

Log into your Facebook account and click the down arrow next to your name and Facebook Messenger in the upper right corner.

Under Settings & privacy, select “Settings” don’t worry; we will cover the options in future blogs.

Now on the left, select “Security and Login.”

Just to the right select, “Where you’re logged in”, and select “See More.”

Once you hit “See More” the window will expand and you can see all the sessions your Facebook has been logged in either on a computer or mobile device.

If you have been compromised or you think you have it is recommended to “Log out of all sessions” by selecting that option. This will do a force log out of all the sessions, even the one you are on. All you will need to do is log back in.

Select “Log out”

If you don’t need to sign out of all sessions and see suspicious logins you can also sign out of individual sessions by selecting the three dots next to the entry.

Select “Log out” to log out of that session.

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