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HTML is a markup language that instructs devices how to render information on a screen in a visually appealing manner. This self-paced CertPREP IT Specialist HTML and CSS (INF-301) course covers the fundamentals of HTML and CSS as well as accessibility principles. Upon completion, the learner should be able to translate a design document into a functional web page with information-gathering functionality (web form).

After taking this course, you will be able to create a basic website. This includes incorporating basic design elements, such as fonts, tables, images, borders, and colors, understanding best practices for accessibility, structural integrity, and scalability (separating content and style elements), and creating web forms. Upon completion, you may choose to pursue an entry-level position in website development or take more advanced courses that would prepare you to design and create web applications.

IT Specialist HTML and CSS

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Lessons
    • Video learning
    • MeasureUp Practice Test for IT Specialist HTML and CSS (INF-301). Practice mode with remediation and Certification mode to simulate the test day experience.
  •   Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

    • Create well-formatted HTML documents, including metadata elements, and evaluate their structural integrity.
    • Create websites that utilize semantic elements, navigation, and form elements.
    • Choose and implement an appropriate styling method (inline, embedded, or external style sheets)
    • Insert links, images, and other media to a website.
    • Implement design elements into a website, including text fonts, tables, and colors.
    • Create responsive layouts for a website.
    • Implement accessibility best practices when developing web content.
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