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Computer Programming


No coding experience is required for this course. Through the programming skills and tools taught, you will learn to solve complicated problems. After completing this course, you will be prepared for designing, coding, and debugging Python computer programs.


Self-Study Course Includes:

Books: a $75 value

Videos: a $250 value

Practice Test by MeasureUp: a $100 value


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Course Outline

Lesson 1: Operations using Data Types and Operators

  • Skill 1.1: Evaluate expressions to identify the data types Python assigns to variables

  • Skill 1.2: Perform data and data type operations

  • Skill 1.3: Determine the sequence of execution based on operator precedence

  • Skill 1.4: Select operators to achieve the intended results

Lesson 2: Flow Control with Decisions and Loops

  • Skill 2.1: Construct and analyze code segments that use branching statements

  • Skill 2.2: Construct and analyze code segments that perform iteration

Lesson 3: Input and Output Operations

  • Skill 3.1: Construct and analyze code segments that perform file input and output operations

  • Skill 3.2: Construct and analyze code segments that perform console input and output operations

Lesson 4: Code Documentation and Structure

  • Skill 4.1: Document code segments

  • Skill 4.2: Construct and analyze code segments that include function definitions

Lesson 5: Troubleshooting and Error Handling

  • Skill 5.1: Analyze, detect, and fix code segments that have errors

  • Skill 5.2: Analyze and construct code segments that handle exceptions

  • Skill 5.3: Perform unit testing

Lesson 6: Operations using Modules and Tools

  • Skill 6.1: Perform basic operations by using built-in modules

  • Skill 6.2: Solve complex computing problems by using built-in modules

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